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            Changsha Mituo Information Technology Co., LTD., founded in June 2009, is a high-tech enterprise and double-soft certification enterprise focusing on "providing information services for small and medium-sized enterprises".

            The company has been around the Internet related software independent development and operation, its main product platforms are: Mito build station, Mito single page production platform, Mito process management system.

            米拓企業建站系統 support 1 content easily synchronized to 10 kinds of terminal display (computer, mobile phone, tablet, micro website, WeChat applet, baidu small programs, pay treasure to small procedures, bytes to beat small [today's headlines, trill], 360 small programs, QQ small program), free, open source suitable for use in building professional websites.

            Since the beginning of our business, we have independently developed a free and open source enterprise CMS -- MetInfo Enterprise Website Building System (MetInfo), and with MetInfo as the core product has been constantly updated and developed, committed to creating a high-quality Internet information tool supply platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.